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Pleasure is
your Birthright

1:1 Sex Coaching with Lyndal 



- Making love with wild abandon! Sex that makes you feel alive

- Feeling confident to express yourself and ask for what you really want!

- Loving yourself and trusting your body so much that you feel free to be your true self wherever you go. 

- Having full-body orgasms where every emotion and every part of you is welcomed

"Let it be still and it will gradually b

Meet Lyndal

Sexuality Coach


Hi, I'm Lyndal.


A tantrika and women's sexuality coach with a passion for helping women realize their potential for orgasm, pleasure and emotional liberation.

I am passionate about helping women live their most authentic lives by stripping back the layers of conditioning in a partiarchal world and feeling deeply into who they really are by integrating their sexual life force energy with heart, body, mind and spirit...

My Specialities

Tantric Sex

Culivating pleasure and aliveness through tantric sex practices. 

Accessing your pleasure and desire!

All the ingredients you need to thrive in life and love are within your own beautiful and powerful female body. Together we will find the way.

Better Orgasms!

Orgasmic reclamation, expansion and mastery!

Speaking your truth!

Knowing what you want sexually, what your deepest desires are, and how to ask for exactly what you want.

Personalized 1:1 coaching

A deep dive for 
unconventional women. W
hich is tailor-made and specific to exactly who you are. 

Liberate Yourself! Let's get started!

The Journey Towards Better Sex Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Why do people say "grow some balls"? Bal

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A few lives I've touched along the way

Nadine Warbrick

Lyndal radiates that which we attract - she attracts a circle of women around here, and she equally supports such a beautiful safe and inclusive environment.

Not only is she able to stay strong in her own person beliefs (her strong connection to her intuition), she's able to welcome other beliefs and acknowledges each person with value. I personally connected with Lyndal for 1:1 coaching after meeting her in a womans group. Her sessions were so helpful not only to my relationship with my husband, but more importantly the relationship with myself. I suprised myself how quickly the self-care routine and techniques we did worked, and they form a part of my daily ritual.

I notice the stronger connection I have with myself and my own intuition because of her guidance and coaching through the connection with my deep self. I can recommend Lyndal with all of my my heart and soul. I didn't feel pressured or sold anything at all. Everything felt like an invitation of growth that happened in it's own perfect time, and I was able to navigate our process together through our sessions well.

I looked forward to each session and I thoroughly enjoyed the homework. Lyndal let me check in with her regularly in between sessions and she shared so many helpful tips. Please invest in yourself and dive into this process with Lyndal. She is so devoted to not only what she teaches, but is a strong practitioner of what she delivers and embodies her teachings 100%



Sarah G

I completely trust Lyndal to guide me to wherever I need to go, especially with my sexuality. Her intuition is spot on. Before seeing Lyndal I didn't feel very connected to myself and saw my body and head working in opposition.

My confidence was low and I didn't know what my body wanted, let alone how to ask for what I wanted from my partner. Lyndal helped me discover what was really going on in my body, what my deepest desires really were and what was blocking it from happening. With her guidance I discovered all the answers were in my own body and mind. They just needed to be heard, cared for and integrated. 


I now feel such a strong connection between my body and mind and know what i want and how to ask for it. I feel light and liberated.

Thank you so much Lyndal xx


Working with Lyndal was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was nervous about seeing a sex coach but she made me feel so welcome and at ease. I felt seen and heard and comfortable to tell her absolutely everything that was going on for me. I never felt judged and we worked through a lot of really personal stuff that had been holding me back for a long time.

The practices were so transformational for my life and relationship with myself especially. I whole heartedly recommend working with Lyndal! Just do it and you will not regret it. Her tantric sex knowledge is incredible and she has really lived it herself. 

I really feel like I own my sexuality now and know my yesses and no's clearly. I will use these tools for the rest of my life as they really work for me. Working with Lyndal has been a life changing experience. 

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