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Sexuality coaching

Sexuality coaching combines the power of coaching and creating change with the
deep understanding of sexual dynamics and how that is showing up for you
personally at the body. mind, heart and spiritual level. 


Why do people say "grow some balls"? Bal

Lyndal says:

"I want to guide you to your sexual liberation. We all have a deep and abundant sexual life force energy inside of us.

Just like you, I had to learn how to tap into this magnificent energy with some guidance 
I believe that our sexual energy is our life force energy. I believe that to feel this connection in your body is your birthright.

I want you to know that you are not broken. In fact, I believe that we are all born with an inherent sexual wholeness, that cannot be taken from us. I want to offer you a safe and intimate space, where you can bring all parts of yourself.  I want to teach you gentle processes that will reawaken and liberate your sensual nature!

I am deeply passionate about the work that I do


My work honours the fact that no two humans are the same and we have different truths and desires. My coaching draws on my years of sexuality and tantric studies, my extensive career working with people in mental health nursing and counselling and my own personal journey of sexual liberation.

We will be working together closely and collaboratively to understand your unique sexual experiences and author a new sexual story that will guide you towards your true desires."

Lyndal Muscio Sexuality Coach

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Sexuality coaching personal program

If you are feeling disconnected.

You are not alone. So do the vast majority of women. I used to be one of them. Your unique life experiences paired with years of social conditioning have created layers that stand in the way of your sexual wholeness. 


You might experience numbness or pain.
You might struggle with shame or judgement.

You might feel blocked, but not know what exactly is standing in the way.

You might avoid sex and masturbation altogether.

You might feel that your pleasure is not your own and you have to ‘act’ like a porn star.  


You might just desire for more of your fully expressed pleasure and not know how to get there…

The Sexual Transformation Package Private Sessions

What would it be like?


To love yourself fully and release shame, guilt and judgement.


To connect with your authentic sexual expression - not one you feel you are ‘supposed to’ play.


To feel safe & powerful in your sexuality. Step into sexually empowered womanhood.

To be able to fully let go in the bedroom! To make love with wild abandon!


To feel your full capacity for orgasmic bliss. To liberate the exquisite pleasure in your entire body!

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